Naperville Pest Control Pros: Pest Control Naperville IL

Naperville Pest Control Pros: Pest Control Naperville IL

Do you need a pest control Naperville IL provider? If you need a service in Naperville, call the Naperville Pest Control Pros. The Naperville Pest Control Pros have been in business for decades, servicing all properties in the local area. Whether you need pest control for ants, mice, bed bugs, mosquitos, termites, or something else, get in touch with the Naperville Pest Control Pros.

Pest Control for Ants

When winged ants go out of the nest, it only means that there are eggs in the house. Controlling ants in your property is annoying. It is important to determine the kind of ant in your property and know how you can effectively control them. If you don’t think you can do it, you can always ask a professional to help you with proper ant control.

Spraying only the visible ants that you can see on your kitchen surfaces or wall is not effective. You should spray pesticides in their nests to eliminate these unwanted guests. By spraying pesticides, you are killing the workers and queen inside. Nests are usually located behind doors, walls, cabinets, furniture and appliances and in the kitchen.

You can also install baits to find their nests and get rid of them. Ants may bring the bait inside their nests. This will cause harm to the queen and workers inside the nest. You can find ant baits in grocery and hardware stores. Put the bait near the ant’s trail or where they go. Avoid spraying pesticides near the bait as ants may smell it and avoid going to the bait. Don’t spray the ants if they’re already eating the bait so that they eat and bring some inside their nests. This will kill the other ants in the nest as well.

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Since ants may also build a nest outside your home, you should try to look for their nest and get rid of it. You can put baits outside your house near the trail followed by ants. Don’t burn the nest or spray insecticide as it may only drive the ants inside your property. You can also use mint leaves, vinegar, cinnamons, whole cloves, black pepper, catnips, chalk, bay leaves and dish washing soap to get rid of ants in your house. If you’ve tried all of these methods but got no results, you can always call a professional pest control company to help you.

Do you need a pest control company in Naperville, IL? If so, call the Naperville Pest Control Pros in Naperville. They will be able to service your property and get you back to normal.